Hotep Reparation Family,

As we continue our Renewed Push to Enact HR 40, we call on your continued assistance.  HR 40 – The Commission to Study Reparation Proposals Act – is originating out of the House of Representatives, authored and introduced by Cong. John Conyers, D-Mich. With the passage of this bill in the House of Representatives, we would still be only half the way there. There has to be a similar/companion bill in the Senate. On the heels of the US Senate Apology for Slavery and Jim Crow Segregation, now is the time to pursue that Senate bill.

 At the same time that we expend our energy to pass HR 40, we can and should also be pushing the passage of a Senate version. To do that, we need a progressive Senator with conviction to author and introduce this bill to the Senate. N’COBRA is targeting Senator Roland Burris, D.- IL . A proponent of reparations, an Afro-descendant, and a man of conviction, we say “Sen. Burris author a Companion bill to HR 40 now.”  Join us in this campaign by signing the petition.

The process will take about 1 minute. Submit your name, and  email address. If you feel inclined, please leave a personal comment. Then click to sign the petition.. 

Pumaja Tutashinde – Together We Will Win


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