Information and Media Commissions


    The Commission will serve as the official organizational link for the dissemination and exchange of information on N'COBRA policies; Reparations issues, strategies and actions pertinent to U.S. and diasporan African descendants' struggle for Reparations. The Commission will assist with educating N'COBRA members and the general public about African Descendants just demand for Reparations, and developing the mass base support for Reparations.

    Goals & Objectives

    A. To develop a functioning Leadership Team of information activists representing N'COBRA and the Reparations Movement.
    B. To create regular publications and communications supporting and promoting reparations for African descendants to N'COBRA members, other advocates in the Reparations movement, and the general public.
    C. To raise adequate financial and other resources to support the work of the Commission and other N'COBRA efforts
    D. To aid N'COBRA leaders in expanding the organization's membership and network
    E. To build a safe, respectful and healing environment for the discussion of Reparations issues
    F. To establish consistent relationships with targeted local, national, and international media outlets and workers in the media industry (especially in the African community)

    Publishing Team


    {Quarterly Membership Newsletter)
    {Annual magazine/journal}
    {Quarterly public newspaper}

    Internet/IT Team

    N'COBRA Website (both .org are same)

    Listserv - news e-group

    Public Relations Team


    Press Packets
    Articles for AP
    Chapter Media Packets

    Publishing Team

    The Publishing Team will provide quality print material to support and expand N'COBRA and the Reparations Movement. Our goal is to be a clearing-house for N'COBRA information, distribution of print literature such as brochures, posters, books, stationary and etc. Our team members are writers, printers, journalist, graphic artists and others. N'COBRA and members of the coalition have produced many, books, information sheets, brochures and the like over the years; their views and approach to Reparations are as varied as the coalition membership.

    Internet/IT Team

    The primary goals of the Internet/IT Team are to broaden the distribution of information about the Reparations movement throughout the world via cyber space and provide high tech support for N'COBRA. N'COBRA Information and Media Commission realizes the World Wide Web is the fastest method, with the broadest potential for getting information around the world. Therefore the team will maximize use of it. To achieve our goals, the focus will be on three areas: 1. Websites, 2. Listserv and 3. WebPages

    Public Relations Team

    In consultation with the National Board of N'COBRA the Public Relations Team provides professional contact and information to other organizations and the general public that promotes good relations and understanding of N'COBRA and the Reparations Movement. The Public Relations Team will provide when needed, press releases, media packets, a bureau of speakers, and assistance to N'COBRA chapters and leaders regarding "public relations" issues.